Apr 19, 2010

Blankey Jet City

I cant believe I never put a post for Blankey Jet City. Even as a hardcore fan of TMGE that I am, I got to admit that 90's Japan belong to Asai Kenichi and his comrades. The trio-Asai Kenichi(vo/gtr) ,Terui Teshuyuki(bass) and Tatsuya Nakamura(dr.) first stirred the public when they won the Ikaten Grand Prix, a television show for amateur ' battle of the band' in 1990. They got signed with Toshiba-EMI shortly after and off to London to record their debut " The Red Guitar and The Truth".

Blankey Jet City bring the image of cool bad boys. . However Blankey's true strength is in their sound. Its core- a powerful, raw rock n roll spirit beautifully fused with a perfect portion of blues and jazz and rockabilly. Asai Kenichi is truly a certified guitar genius, nailing that sound unthinkable by others but a select few, the like of Jimmy Hendrix or BB King.
This was a fearless Japanese band with something to say. “Going to Disneyland”, was about “cold people” on what should have been a fun trip, captured the spirit of a dehumanized society. "

This band had been disbanded in 2000, with all member going different direction with their music. Asai Kenichi with his Sherbets, AJICO and Jude project, Terui Teshuyuki with Raven, Rosso and Joe Spider/Jim Brown, and Tatsuya Nakamura with his band Losalios.

Blankey Jet City - To Disneyland

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