Apr 24, 2011

New Stuff

i.Nazeka Kyouwa
ii.2 Seconds

The latest single from The Birthday with their new guitarist. There are 3 tracks total, and my first impression of the new guy..is quite good. Based on what little i had heard, his style seem more melodic, as apparent in the title track and the solo in track 3 is effin' delicious.  Second track is more of a straight rocking type, a good track, but somehow got overshadowed by the other 2.

Stupid youtube cant embed-here's the teaser for the first track

02.Dark Cherry
03.Your Smile
04.Genbaku to Milkshake
07.Kiken Sugiru
08.Edge of the Universe
09.Little Linda(Corkscrew Mix)
10.Coyote(Corkscrew Mix)
12.Mad Surfer
14.Spring Snow
15.Johnny Hell

A best of album. Songs are from his solo career, so can be assumed as his summary for that time period. Most of my personal favorite is in there as well, such as Johnny Hell, Spring Snow and Little Linda.


Mark said...

Many thanks for the new Birthday ep -- it absolutely rocks like fuck!

aaru said...

omgg thank you so much for The Birthday single ♥ ♥ ♥
you're so awesome and I love your blog ♥
you have a greate taste in music ☆

Macky Messer said...

You're very much welcome. Updated the link for PV, kind of a rip from a TV segment though..