Jan 27, 2010

Sons of Anarchy Season 2

Just finish the series today. Episode 13, season 2. I personally think that it is much better than season 1, which is by the way bloody great. The season started with the riff between Clay(MC president) and Jax (VP) over Donna's death in season one. Tara officially become Jax's old lady. Gemma is emotionally wreck after a certain incident. Half-sack got a ball implant. Chibs survived a car bomb. A much more dangerous and bastardly cunning enemy in the shape of Ethan Zoebelle- a member of League of American Nationalist(pro-Nazi) with a front in Charming Town in a form of a cigar shop, Impeccable Smokes. He and his hot little blonde daughter..

Ethan Zobelle

The series get more interesting as its progressed. And the ending is...quite the same style as the first SoA. Only triple the intensity. The Sons get their bloody revenge, every enemy taste the wrath of the Sons pointblank(except one or is it two?), all loose knot is tied. But a certain incident in episode one and the same ATF snake-tongue officer Agent June Stahl(forgive me for thinking she's hot) caused the last 15 minutes of the series go all awry and shit. No.. its a good kind of shit you know, like WTF!! good one. The twist literally twisted my little mind, begging for episode 14.
Its like you are about halfway to smile and then BAM!! the twist hit you square in the nut..What the fuck would happen to Half-Sack? What the fuck would happen to Abel? What the fuck would happen to Gemma? WHAT THE FUCK??

Damn you producer or director or whoever it is in charge of the story. Dont leave the fans with too many question, its a fuckin torture you know.

Kurt Sutter, the writer and play as Otto, and the legendary John Teller's H. Davidson

Guess i would have to wait for the third season now... "According to buddytv.com, the network decided to pick the series up for a third season, which will return in September 2010, after riding high into the season 2 finale, with a total of 4.33 million viewers. This was the series’ best ratings so far."..

..Sept '10..


"Knape...tak percaye?"

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