May 9, 2011

RIP Lee Brilleaux

Lee died on 7 April 1994, from a cancer.

Lee Brilleaux-An Officer and a Gentleman(Will Birch)

Finally finished watching Oil City Confidential last night. That movie really managed to shatter my confidence in my english, at least 'English' english. I could understand Shirley Brilleaux, Lee's wife,  just fine(she being an American), but when the other cast start talking I was sometimes fairly lost. Just cant managed to grab the englishman pronunciation and slang when they're talking fast. Maybe need a couple more viewing to fully understand it. I need an english sub for this, badly.

The movie is really entertaining, though the last 20 minutes or so can be quite sad i think. There is this one shot of Lee's famous white suit(though not quite white) on a hanger in an ads in NME that i personally think is quite moving. And this short scene with Lady Diana in it, although i'm not quite sure what the guy was talking in the background but i'm assuming the princess had watched Dr Feelgood a couple of time.

There are also some rocking clips of live show in it, namely when they told the story of how Wilko pose his guitar like a machine gun in the song 'Riot In Cell Block No 9'. I did a research and found that it is from the 1975 Going Back Home DVD, live in Southend Kursaal. So here is the link, i'm thinking it would be the perfect complement for the already rocking documentary.

Going Back Home, 1975

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Anonymous said...

There's english and there's english, dialect is sometimes pretty difficult to understand.
I could translate for you if you want? Cost you a few beers though.
Oil City C. is full of Essex dialect as it should be. The story of one of the finest bands in the world EVER.