May 6, 2011


There will be no shortage of Japanese bands with wtfisthisidonteven..-inducing name, believe me. It kinda fit their style actually, if you think about it. They took their influences from the very best sources the West can offer, dismember it without mercy, then mix this one's torso with that limbs and stuff. So it is no surprise if a band start to call themselves Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, or  54 Nude Honeys, or The Rodeo Carburettor, or like star of this post LAZYgunsBRISKY.

They are a 4-pieces, all girl Tokyo band that played some sorta punky, fun garage rock. I found them when i read that Benzie produced their second mini album 26times. For better info of them you can check out this interview.

They got some legit, official PV, but i kinda like this song better


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