May 4, 2011

This is a public service announcement...WITH GUITAR!!

Alright, here's a question; who said that?

This post is, in fact, an announcement of some kind. After this, i'm gonna write at least 3 posts a week. There, i said it.

Before, i just write according to my whim and moods. No, fuck that; my whole life had been according to my whim and moods. If i dont feel like talking, i can go on for a week with only super-basic human interaction. If i dont feel like it, i dont go to my lectures. My self-discipline bow down only to my procrastination. And my procrastination is a monster in its own league.
For instance, lets look at my post count. We are half way down the year 2011, and i just post 10 stuff. For 2010, its 38 posts and 2009, 29. And that can be honestly translated to how scary my procrastination is in real life.

So this is actually my little attempt at disciplining my self-discipline, and taming my procrastination. Having published this, i cant back down,  can i? And posting here can also help me brush up what little english i have. So you can expect music, more music, a couple of rants here and there, some stuff i find interesting, and then even moar fucking music!

The words for the title is actually from The Clash's intro on 'Know Your Right'. I just immediately think of it when i thought for the title. You've got your announcement, now time for your guitar!

ps; this count as post no. one

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