May 8, 2011

New Notebook

 Some posts back there i wrote about how my old laptop fucked me up(May that ingrateful piece of machinery rot in its watery grave, amen.). Then a couple week later i get me a new notebook, a neat little black beauty called Asus-A42F series.

 I got it for RM1550, though the greedy sumbitch first put a sticker of RM1899 on it. He then proceed to tell me i can have it for RM1700, and when i made a disinterested face he asked me what my budget is. I said 1.5k, tops, because i'm not looking for a powerful gaming laptop or something. In fact, i explicitly want a notebook because of its lower specs, so that i cant be suckered back into my old video games addiction. And then the fatfuck said okay, Rm 1550, he said( he really need to one-up my price, even by a damn 50 ringgit). I said fine, paid him in cash, stop by the KFC on the way back for a dinner plate, and then secretly stop by the local pirate cd shop- and proceed to buy Darksiders and Kane and Lynch 2 game cds.

It is more of a hope against hope actually. I need to know, for real, if the notebook cant play the new generation games. My old one cant even open Warhammer 40k:Dawn of war 2. I mean, this new one dont even have a graphic card, just a measly Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD  in it. Well i be damned, it works!..though not on the max setting, just barely above minimum specs needed. So i hope that would explained the lack of posts on the last few months, i was too busy abusing my new toy, racking up headshots and ramping up my electric bill yo!

List of games i played(in no chronological order)
1.Darksiders- about 90% in it and then quit, became too repetitive

2.Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days- finished, sweet story, decent gameplay, wtf ending-no replay value

3.King's Bounty The Legend- 5%(?) in it and left, not my taste

4.Warhammer 40k-Dawn of War 2/Chaos Rising- 3rd playthrough, busted my friend's desktop once playing this

5.Warhammer 40k-Dawn of War 2:Retribution- Cool new gameplay, lack wargears, main story for all race is fucking same, Ork race is fucking kewl though

6.Fallout 3(GOTY)- finished aside a couple DLCs, awesome story/gameplay, wtf-anticlimacs ending

7.Overlord 2- 10%(?) and then forgot about it.

8.Dragon Age 2- 3rd playthrough, awesome story/gameplay, recycled maps, feel kinda short, tried nude mods(..meh)

9.Devil May Cry 4- 2 last chapter left, not in fucking mood to continue

10.Men of War:Assault Squad- The most fucking challenging RTS ever played, I had my ass kicked 3 times on 1st mission, on normal fucking level. Enjoyed it though, and super recommended. Still playing(Mission 2).

11.Borderlands(GOTY)- awesome stuff, 2nd playthrough, still playing.

Games cant play:Assassin Creed 2, The Witcher
Waiting for unreleased titles; the rumored 3rd person Warhammer:'UltraMarine', and Fable 2..and Dungeon Siege 3.
That being said, curse you Asus for making some good quality notebook for cheap ass price. Now, whos gonna pay all that bills?

My mom.

And boy is she pissed.

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