May 8, 2011


"Caco is a proud, handsome man, head of a family, and very powerful in the local community. Yet he has been torn to pieces by the death of his beloved daughter. He constantly visits her grave, weeps silently at her photo and has transferred all his wildly protective love and attention onto his physically challenged nephew, Diego. It seems that Diego's father, Caco's brother, is in hiding after having killed a man from the Caravaca family, who are equally powerful in the community. They are looking for vengeance and have come to Caco for justice. When he refuses to betray his brother, the Caravacas grow impatient. When they realize they are getting nowhere, they threaten to kill Diego. Despite his fierce pride, Caco eventually realizes that the cycle of killing and revenge must be broken. But how can he achieve this and protect everyone he loves?"-IMDB

The girls chorus gave me goosebumps, man

I got a soft spot for flamenco. It can sometime be so happy, sometimes sad, sometimes moody and sometimes fiery. But it will always be so fucking beautiful. Myself, i prefer a 30 seconds Flamenco phrasing of a noobish student than 30 minutes shredding of the so called master shredder. If i ever learn a guitar i'm gonna learn only flamenco, tango and blues,  and try somehow to fuse those shits together, and see how the resulting mutated offspring will be. I think it will be beautiful.

Vengo Movie

Vengo OST

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