Jun 16, 2011

The Birthday-I'm Just A Dog

S to R
Naze ka Kyou wa
Red Eye
I’m just a dog

 As promised. And yes, even I am surprised on how quick this was uploaded to the internet. Made me kinda depressed thinking about the rare stuffs I've been hunting for years and not a single fucking clue..

Gotta love Chiba's pimpin cane though.


Mark said...

It's official... you are my hero!

Macky Messer said...

Well, its not that hard actually. If you google "The Birthday-I'm just a dog", half the sites on the first page give the download link. Which kinda sad for the band if you think about it.

The record itself is pretty wicked. Would love to hear your thoughts on the album.

Mark said...

Because of the time difference here in NYC, your post was the first link that I was able to find, so... you're still my hero!

I've listened to the album a few times today, and I think it's quite strong... great songs, great performances, and the sound is big. It's too early to say what my favourite tracks are, but I haven't felt the urge to skip over any of them yet! Chiba's vocals sound fantastic as ever, and their new guitar player is a very tasteful player -- he seems to understand that it's important to play for the song, instead of playing for your ego or exercise for your fingers. It would be really easy to ruin these songs by over-playing, especially the bluesier tracks... but they did it right, perfect. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this album a lot better -- and that's not the sort of thing that I find myself saying very often about contemporary rock albums.

aru said...

omg! I love how I can count that in your blog I can find everything I'm looking for ♥
thank you so much!

Macky Messer said...

Yeah the new guitarist is pretty cool. His style is a little simpler, subtler..kinda more of a sideman approach rather than gun-blazing guitar hero. I'm not saying he cant solo or anything, just he knew perfectly well when to 'whisper' and when to 'scream'.