Jun 6, 2011

Ok, where should i start?

 I've been here for about two weeks, 1 for the orientation, and 1 week for the actual classes. The university itself is not bad, its supposed to be the biggest university in Malaysia by the end of the third phase construction. Now they were just finished the 1st phase, so it should take another 7-8 years i guess, give or take. Even now, just for the 1st phase building only, the electricity bills for the university total about RM2b..per month!

Well, thats what they said. For the accommodation, the students were given a 4-room apartment housing 8 students each. And in each room there is one LAN port. There is no wi-fi provided at the apartment, so its either you use the free LAN connection or buy yourself a goddamn broadband. Being a cheapskate that i am, i aint gonna pay for my internet when you got another free option. The LAN connection is quite fast actually, i had downloaded a 3+ Gb of the game Fable 3 in 2 days-and proceed to finish the game in the next 2 days.  What an utter disappointment that piece of crap excuse for a game is, i almost lose faith in the Fable series.

Be a nice bitch and give me your money

However the problem with the connection is it is quite unstable sometimes , and also it blocks quite a lot of website. I'm talking shitloads here. You cant open the youtube, or facebook, and i'm also cut off from most of my japanese downloading sources. Later i found out that most of the shitty strict blocking only occurs at the morning, ie during office hour. So at night or weekends some of the website become unblock, like youtube and facebook and stuff. And the most important, my downloading network. Though i still dont know the consequence of my heavy-ass downloading activity, like could they detect me for example and disciplining the hell out of my ass. Now I guess i just got to know that from future experience.

And did i mentioned that the university is built on some godforsaken hills. There is quite a distance between the learning facilities and the accommodation campus, and for RM1 there is a bus that can carry you for a one-way-3-minutes-or-something-trip. For the cheapskates you've  got to walk a bit, for like 7-8 minutes or something,  down the hill, of a torture device disguised as 200+ steps of stairway to hell.

On the background-the apartment, for ladies

I shit you not. I swear on the last day of the 3rd year, after using that shit for a daily routine my feet gonna get beefed up like fucking Tony Jaa, man.


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