Jun 28, 2011

It Might Get Loud

Hear this all you random downloading scums.
If you believe you have even an iota of love for rock music, then i command thee to

Thank you, and have a nice day.


This movie finally give me a reason strong enough to get that Ibanez Artcore I had been eyeing around for about what..a year I think?  Yeah I know in my wet dream I always saw that sexy, brown Tenessean Rose Gretsch, but that guitar is only for rockstar with rockstar pay dammit. And Jack's custom Gretsch, with its frickin brilliant addition of a harmonica mic,  just add a permanent character in my dream.

"Sexy, brown Tenessean Rose Gretsch..the mere possession of this guitar alone
increased your rocking level by 99999"

"..and then i bite the motherfucker's head off.."-Dillinger, with guitar

 Accompanied musical monster since 1883.


Dr. Ben said...

saw this on DVD. Very recommended.

Mack The Finger said...

Who the f is this dr. ben-