Feb 1, 2010

TMGE Yoyogi Riot!

Thanks to my Russian pipeline, I finally managed to get one of Thee Live Dvdrip-'TMGE Yoyogi Riot!'. Superb quality(1.36 Gb) in 2 megaupload.rar file(800mb & 500mb). Took me 2 frickin day-nonstop- to download 'em, all the while praying my laptop dont blow up overheating and no wanker decide to restart the internet router in my house.

The show is supposedly a free open-air concert in Yoyogi Park to support the 'Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter' album. TMGE of course delivered a top notch perfomance...while drenched in fuckin rain! Yes, unfortunately its raining that evening so everyone is wet- the band, the audience, even the fookin' camera sometimes. However, the only noticeable damages is a brief interruption (by the technician i guess?) and Chiba's neatly combed hair.

Aint he one adorable little bastard?

Band members walks in

TMGE Yoyogi Riot! setlist

  1. Thunderbird Hills
  2. Citroen no Kodoku
  3. Alligator Night
  4. Abakareta Sekai
  5. God Jazz Time
  6. Baby Stardust
  7. Rita
  8. Turkey
  9. Break Hazure Ta Ore No Shinzou
  10. Margaret
  11. Bird Land Cindy
  12. Akage no Kelly
  13. Jenny(encore)

..and this youtube channel got most of the clips from the live.

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