Oct 19, 2010

PCI error, Man Kidal, Asai Kenichi

Stupid laptop broke down on me. Some PCI error shit.
Forced to use the old family desktop.

How old?

Well I remember 'quietly' played 'Half Life' single player mission at 2 in the morning, busted, and got 1 hour scolding session from my mother.
This was in 2003.
And up till now this machine ran with, safely assume, specs from 2002.


Sometime within this month my uncle want me to follow him and meet with Man Kidal.
One of Malaysia's most accomplished guitarist, from the band Lefthanded.
Though I dont know how he does internationally..
Never actually followed his work, not really my cup of tea.

My uncle is a steward for MAS and became acquainted with Man Kidal on one of his flight.
Couple of small talks and discussed about my 'situation'.
Then Man Kidal suggested to take me to meet him.
See if I can play..
See if I got the 'talent'..
"And then we see what will happen."

My left pinkie got injured while helping my dad in his workshop.
Cant practice bass now.
My newly bought Vox Amplug & cabinet looked at me with a sneer.


A small consolation in all this fucking mess.
is a dream of Asai Kenichi early this morning.

"We were in some kind of small restaurant
He was wearing his white singlet
and his early rockabilly haircut.
Looking mighty young and chatting with a friend.
I did the most logical thing a fanboy would do
Offered him a piece of paper
and a blue ball pen
Stuttering nervously
He look genuinely happy
Smiling while doodling a cute rockabilly hibrid of
Mickey Mouse+Goofy
With an underlined "ASAI" on the bottom
I shake his hand"

Maybe the sheer magnitude of happiness woke me up
Smiling from ear to ear.
Fuuuuuuuucccckkking... niceee


Maybe the culprit for my dream. Been watching this video on repeat the whole night.
Finally able to see Terui Toshiyuki awesome backpiece tattoo.

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