Oct 21, 2010

The Pontiacs

Their first single; Galaxy Head Meeting/Shinjuku. Full album will be out on 3.11.2010.


 The Pontiacs..
Though however great they will be, I cant help but think of them as a softcore version of BJC. Why, with only just one member change they can resurrect the one of most colossal rock band this side of the globe. I dont think BJC's member bear any bad blood with each other..not unlike certain band..cough!!systemofadown!cough!!
Now where was I..yes.. Asai Kenichi had played the bass(now thats rare) on Nakamura Tatsuya's first Love Shop Losalios album, prove he was in a good term with the drummer. Nakamura and Terui also was  members of an avant-garde band Twin Tails(plus another violinist)..which says they is also on good term.

So why not BJC then?

Maybe Asai is afraid(or not prepared) to mess with the ghost of his old legacy. I remember Sherlock Holmes once said "The rare quality of a good artist is the knowledge of when to stop."..or something to that effect. And I am compelled to ask him when they should start again.
The same case can also be said with Chiba Yusuke's band The Birthday. With Imai Akinobu's withdrawal, and I never really like the guy, I think his solos are pretty weak; Chiba insist of going on with only 3 members.

Which imply he himself will be the main axeman..

This singular idea gave me an equal, that is 45:55 ratio, of curious excitement and dreadful horror.   

For real..Chiba..?
I remembered countless time I tried to search and isolate his guitar from the magnificently-tangled sonic web of TMGE's song."Well the guy standing there strumming a guitar, the must be a sound of it somewhere." And then I remembered meeting countless time of failure, and came to a frustrated conclusion that either

his volume is too damn slow; or his part is too unsignificant;

or we are dealing with a modern case of John Simon Ritchie/Sid  Vicious, that sometime I prefer it when he pick up the tambourine than his Gretcsh. Though I prefer it more when he blows his harp, I wish he do it more often.

Back to the original question. If only The Birthday kick the bassist, and I never really like that guy, save the bassline in Stupid; and install back Ueno Koji(again, just one member change) we will get a semi-reunion of TMGE. Of course the full reunion will be completely absurd. Though the image of a skeleton swinging a guitar might be awesome in the mind of many, on actuality it is really troublesome for there will be many breach of laws and protocols; The Simple Protocols of Life and Death, the Law of Darwinism and most Theology, to name a few...that some say it is borderline illegal.  

ps:Now, you see God..not only the reunion of this 2 bands bring joy and glad to millions of fans around the world, they will also, on further thought, bring some consolation to the irreparable damage that MTV brings to the music of this age.

pss:It also save me the troubles to pay for the down-payment for the time machine from the mad plumber the next door.

Yours Truly,

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