Dec 27, 2010

Soil & Pimp Session

Its time to jazz this little shit hole up a little bit. These Japanese cats play what they called "Death Jazz"- a bit rough,aggressive and punky around the edge, but they always maintain that elegant and mature sound of jazz. These guys had travelled around the world playing some big name jazz festival and winning some jazz awards-pretty much recognized internationally.

A little story on their name, from the mouth of Sacho the front man:

"Soil is like the sand or the mud or the earth which are very natural and warm things. ‘Pimp’ is based on something brilliant like a gold chain, which sometimes is linked to gangsters. These words have opposite meanings I think, like ying & yang. Two opposite meanings into the one music - that is our style...We expose both sides of the human being...'Sessions.’ We always want to present our music as an individual session, because coming up we did not want to do the same set every live gig."

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