Mar 8, 2011

Wish I had a gun..

Stupid laptop broke down on me..again.. its that same resource conflict, PCI error shit I had for a while. Although before it takes 4-5 try to start it, yesterday I had spent the whole day switching on/manually restart that piece of junk just to see that windows XP startup screen, that stupid bar with 3 blue lines in it, going left to right.....for FUCKING ETERNITY! 

 This shit had happened before, 4-5 months back but went miraculously fine the next day. I think its fucked up for real now. Hardware problem, no doubt about it. 5 years of daily abuse could do that to any laptop i guess. Damn..5 gadget years, i bet if you try to convert it, must be equivalent to at least 50 human years-you know,with the hourly updates of new technologies and hardwares and stuff. Even human dont evolve as fast as that. Sometime I cant help but imagined in year 2080 a metallic hobo, with rust all over his face and faulty mechanisms behind his beat up rag, drinking cheap, secondhand oil in some dark alley somewhere and whistling Tom Waits tune.

Tom Waits tune are immortal-its a well known rumor, dont you know?

...looking back, that old soldier had accompanied me through a lot. All that countless, bloody missions to save the world and the much dreaded 'Game Over, Continue?' screen, all that First Bloods and mmmmmonster kills, all that movies and mangas and Javs, all that Guitar Pros and mp3s and PDFs..thank osiris i saved them all in my HDD.

Though the impulse to use that laptop as a karate practice board is as strong as this mad desire to frisbee it onto this nearby river and see how many time i can make it bounce, i must refrain with sronger mental control backed by pure logical reasoning. I cant afford a new laptop now, my pocket is filled with a negative figure so big its almost a black hole. The only option left is begging my parent for a new one while hoping a miracle the laptop would resurrect itself again like that one time.
But could a miracle happen twice?

Edit: Its final. The laptop is...dead. At least I had the satisfaction of killing it my damn self. You should had seen all that blood..hehehe..Jack the Ripper would be proud, man

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