Nov 16, 2011

Bad as Me

Been out of internet connection for some time, hence the blog is a little..dusty. So anyway this here is the much anticipated Tom Waits album. I know, I know, its been a month or something after its official release. In fact, I got my copy the day it was released(the 'dirty' way of course). As I was enjoying the album I was kinda torn apart between the mad, urging needs to share this album and my mad respect for the guy. It felt like I kinda snatching the food Tom Waits about to put in his mouth or something...

So I just waited for a month or something. That way I feel more like scrounging his leftover instead.
Hey, who want an internet pirate with a moral anyway? Though if you did found this album in the music store or something, buy the goddamned thing will ya, if only to keep the old hound to produce more albums. In my defence, I can assure you with absolute confidence that no music store in 70 km of my radius that got this album. Believe me, you don't want to know what craps the people here been listening to.. 

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Orktoek said...

Ha ha ha, really good post for Bad As Me. You had my laughing there.

While I'm crazy about Tom Wait's work, especially the early albums, I have to say that it'll take me few more listening to fully appreciate his latest CD. Nonetheless, I see great potential in it, this man has imagination beyond understanding :-)