May 10, 2012

Stuff I'm Listening Right Now (Part One)

I'm in the middle of exploring the magical, exotic world of Latin music right now. Some of the figures that caught my eyes...(or ears), are;

1. Noel Rosa

"Noel de Medeiros Rosa (December 11, 1910 - May 4, 1937) was a Brazilian songwriter, singer, and guitar/banjo player. One of the greatest names in Brazilian popular music, Noel gave a new twist to samba, combining its Afro-Brazilian roots with a more urban, witty language and making it a vehicle for ironic social commentary.

Noel Rosa was born in Rio de Janeiro into a middle-class family of the Vila Isabel neighbourhood. An accident with a forceps at his birth caused the disfigured chin that would haunt him all his short life. Although Noel started medicine studies, he gave most of his attention to music and would spend whole nights in bars drinking and playing with other samba musicians. Noel Rosa had wrote around 250 compositions."

An Article on Noel Rosa: Noel Rosa, a Samba Genius(Brazilian Music, February 2000)

Fita Amarela (Yellow Ribbon)

Quando eu morrer
Não quero choro nem vela
Quero uma fita amarela
Gravada com o nome dela 

(When I die
I don't want crying or candle
I want a yellow ribbon
With her name on it)

Se existe alma,
Se há outra encarnação
Eu queria que a mulata
Sapateasse no meu caixão 

(If there exists a soul
If there is another incarnation
I'd like it if the mulatto woman
Tap-danced on my coffin)

Não quero flores,
Nem coroa de espinho
Só quero choro de flauta
Violão e cavaquinho 

(I don't want flowers
Nor crown of thorns
I just want
choro with flute
Guitar and

Estou contente
Consolado por saber
Que as morenas tão formosas
A terra um dia vai comer 

(I'm content
Consoled to know
That the earth will one day eat
The dark women so beautiful)

Não tenho herdeiros
Não possuo um só vintém
Eu vivi devendo a todos
Mas não paguei nada a ninguém 

(I don't have heirs
I don't own a penny
I always owed everybody
But I never paid anybody)

Meus inimigos
Que hoje falam mal de mim
Vão dizer que nunca viram
Uma pessoa tão boa assim 

(My enemies
Who today speak badly of me
Will say that they never saw
A guy as good as me)

Quero que o sol
Não visite meu caixão
Para minha pobre alma
Não morrer de insolação 

(I want the sun
Not to visit my coffin
So that my poor soul
Doesn't die of sunstroke.)

Noel Rosa; Discography(14 CDs)

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