Feb 4, 2013

I aint dead yet...

...just, you know.....a bit fucking lazy.

p/s - a bloody shame bout Wilko Johnson 'death sentence' though. Maybe I'll write about the man if I got the drive. Here is a radio interview by Wilko then..kinda some of the last one for this old rocker. Don't really sure how I felt about his decision to 'go out in flames', you know. In one hand I was like "That's so fuckin' rock n roll!"...but the other half of me kinda wish that he should go to the chemo, man. Brace it out and maybe rockin for a few years and pass away peacefully in his sleep maybe...

But that's just a selfish wish from a fan. I bet he really miss his wife Irene and also Lee Brilleaux, both which also fell victims of cancer. The doctor gave Wilko time until the end of this year. But from several interviews I read, Wilko is taking this surprisingly easy.

Another goodbye for an old rocker. Wilko Johnson had paid his due. He carved his name in the history of rock & roll the hard way. As long as rock & roll is being played, some kid, somewhere, with a curiosity great enough, will traced back the history of rock & roll to a singular name of Dr. Feelgood. And then Wilko Johnson, though long gone he is, with the magic of his riffs and melodies from his one-of-a-kind playing style on that old Telecaster, will spawned another six-string wielder, one of possible millions I bet, to carry on his essence of what rock & roll is about..

..a bloody, bloody good fun!

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