Jul 21, 2011

Rockin Movies: Iden & Tity(2003)

"The story is set in the 80s rock scene and revolves around Nakajima (Kazunobu Mineta), the lead singer of a band called ‘Speed Way’. Because he refuses to write trite, pop-friendly songs he is constantly at odds with his own record company. However, he refuses to bend on his rock principles simply for better record sales. The most interesting parts of this movie is how they pay homage to music icon, Bob Dylan who gave the filmmaker his blessing, which is no small feat itself, especially for a Japanese indie debut."

Well, this is certainly an interesting one. It is about rock musicians, Japanese, and got Bob Dylan(kinda) in it;they even got Bob's blessing in using his likeliness and songs...3 of my musical fetish in one package. Whats not to love?

I dedicate this movie for those unsung warriors carrying the corpse of their dead dreams, in the name of music.

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