Jul 21, 2011


The latest offering from one of my musical deity Mr Asai Kenichi. This time it is in the form of his artsy alter ego Sherbets. This guy, I swear, is the most productive Rockers I ever had the good fortune to know. Lets bring out the numbers yeah; Blankey Jet City-10 albums, Sherbets-10 albums, Ajico-1 album, Jude-7 albums, Pontiacs-1 album, his solo stuff-5 albums. 34 full albums..in less than 25 years. Lets compare this with my 2 other musical deity; Bob Dylan, whose first recorded album was in 1962, had amassed 34 albums under his belt. And throw in the 9 album in The Bootleg Series, thats a total of 43 albums in  49 years. Mr Tom Waits, first album in 1973, had 19 albums minus the one rumored in production.

*Yeah my songwriters 'trinity' is Dylan-Waits-Benzie. 
Others I had found are Dylan-Waits-(Leonard)Cohen, Dylan-Waits(Nick)Cave, or any of that 4 names combination.
I have a sneaking suspicion they never heard of Asai Kenichi before.

Well back to the Sherbets. The bands initially released an official statement that this album would be their last..however a couple of days after the album's released the band take that statement back. An interview later revealed that the bassist(Nakata) and drummer(Sotomura) wanted to leave after Benzie focused more on his new band Pontiacs. Yeah, band politics got ugly. But I kinda missed that guy's bassline (Benzie really got an ear for a great bassists) and Qumico Fucci's piano/keyboard/voice.

This album also sounded a bit more mellow, even by Sherbets standard. Most of the songs got that special calming, soothing vibe I dont even know how to describe in words. Its just..Sherbets, man!

'Lydia & David'

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