Dec 12, 2009

Lesson 14een: Human 100 years from now..

As the ’80s drew to a close, Asai Kenichi was reportedly trying to decide whether to carry on with his motorcycle gang or start a rock band. If he’d chosen the former, the gang would have held onto one of the coolest dudes in the country, but rock ‘n’ roll would have lost out on one of its more inventive characters. Asai then move to Tokyo to seek band members, met up with Nakamura Tatsuya and Terui Toshiyuki and form Blankey Jet City in 1990. BJC end up being one of the spearhead in Japan rock scene in their time(with TMGE of course).10 years later the band agreed to split, each pursuing their own individual career.
And from that time, Asai had created Sherbets, JUDE(pronounced yu-da), Ajico and a solo career, 4 projects which only served as a different vehicle for Asai's storytelling. Each with a different style, Sherbets: a bit surreal-psychedelic tune, Jude is more raw rockin beat and Ajico is with a female vocalist Ua. His solo is,of course, a mix of everything. What amaze me is the fact that all this 4 projects is fuckin active at the same time, meaning no band is disbanded. They just put on-hold as Asai focused on other project. Can you guys guess how many songs this guy churned out of him, 5 major band in the course of 20 years..must be more than hundreds.

My only logical conclusion, this guy hold the frickin key to God's music factory.

My favorite band is Sherbet though, with key album such as Natural and Vietnam 1964. This is where Asai's mastery of guitar playing and haunting vocal meld perfectly well, the atmosphere is almost like an abstract dream. A beautiful dream you know wont come true. One of my favorite tune is Human 100 years from now. Its a short-1:50 minute-instro that, if you hear carefully, you can almost see the future....
..and there is nothing there.

Asai also has his own little figurine(title background,dude on the left) with Chiba Yusuke. Maybe the theme is two of Japan's most influential frontman, i dont know..

Asai Kenichi-Rod Snake Shock Service

Just for a sneak preview cos this guys discography is, seriously would take a whole post on its own. That,and I dont have all his thing.

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