Dec 14, 2009

Lesson 18een: In music, language mean shits..

Shocker X(formerly known as Shocker Stalin) is a band hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They play a mixture of metal, tango and visual kei. Vocalist Ban Lesage sings in english and japanese. You probably never heard of this band cos this one is like a super underdog one y'know. Dont release any full album yet, but a few singles, eps and 2 pvs. Not currently under any record label, move fully independent and put their records freely on the net for their fans.
Super recommended for any metalhead.

Ban Lesage-vocalist, lyrics..has a tattoo of Ban Mido from
Get Backers on her left shoulder.

Agustin 'Ka' Thoren-guitar, composer, bass


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Shock This(Ep)-October 2008
1. Muerte
2. Us
3. Next Time
4. I rather die
5. Zenin
6. Whore from hell

Lies(Singles)-March 2009
1. Lying to temptation
2. Lies
3. Lascivia

With All My Hate(Singles)-June 2009
1. Tango Shock
2. Blinder
3. With all my hate

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