Dec 27, 2009

Shakin' all over

Johnny Kidd & the Pirates. One of the pioneers of the UK pub rock scene in the 50's, they played a healthy dose of rhythm & blues back then when it have a totally different (and more dignified) meaning. They will performed in full pirate costumes complete with the eye patch and a cutlass for Johnny Kidd(which reported to use it rather dangerously on stage). This is also the band of Mick Green, the guitarist whose unique style of playing lead and rhythm at the same time inspired many other guitarist, notably Wilko Johnson from Dr Feelgood, another UK pub rock monster. Sadly Johnny Kidd died in a car accident on 1966, leaving the Pirates who continue on with a few reunion and reincarnation until today with Mick Green, Johnny Spence and Mike Roberts.

The complete Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, part one
The complete Johnny Kidd & The Pirates,part two

Eddie Legend(Mad 3/Hell Racer)

The Pirates is also very big in Japan. In 2000, they toured there with Wilko Johnson, through which they became acquaintance with TMGE. Mick Green ended up making a single with TMGE, "Kwacker" and Abe Futoshi nearly died of massive nosebleeding when he was invited to play with the Pirates on one of their song."Imagine a Rolling Stones fan doing a joint gig with the means that much to me. The best day, ever."

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